Leonhard Kurz presents a program for faster foil usage estimation and ordering

Easier calculation of stamping foil requirements

Fürth/Germany, 31 May 2016: Kurz Foil Connect is the name of a program that Leonhard Kurz has developed to simplify the work of hot stamping foil processors. Stamping machine and stamping foil technologies have undergone continuous further development over the past few decades and the hot stamping process is very high-tech these days. Kurz set itself the goal of also simplifying the estimation and ordering tasks and integrating them into the relevant digital processes. At Drupa 2016, the company will be explaining the Kurz Foil Connect program and demonstrating its various functions.

Determining the most economical foil usage

A key feature of Kurz Foil Connect is the ability to calculate the most efficient use of hot stamping foil. To do so, the processor obtains from the client or his own prepress system a data file containing the specifications of the hot stamping job, which he then uses to define the locations of the stamping dies. Based on the die location and stamping job details, Kurz Foil Connect calculates the required foil web widths and lengths, the number of foil rolls, and the optimum foil advance. In a very short time, the program calculates the best possible utilization of the foil web, even for very complex stamping layouts. The web lengths are calculated in such a way that parallel rolls are consumed concurrently and can be exchanged at the same time, which reduces downtimes. The program can also assist with the distribution of the foil rolls on the winding axis. The processor can store the configuration data of the stamping machine in the Kurz Foil Connect program. This enables the program to allow for the number of winding axes or individually controllable axis segments when calculating the required quantity of foil rolls, and specify the exact position of each roll on the winding axes. This data reduces the setup time for the machine. All settings can, if required, be manually adjusted at any time.

Simplified ordering processes and storage

The foil requirements, including estimated scrap quantities, can be estimated relatively precisely using Kurz Foil Connect. Kurz Foil Connect therefore also assists processors with minimizing their inventory. There are plans to link this program to the Kurz warehouse management system in future, so that the available stocks of the selected hot stamping foil can be checked immediately.

The foil requirements calculation can be directly linked to an order. Once all the necessary data has been determined, the program allows the order to be placed. This not only reduces delivery times but also reduces ordering costs.

At the KURZ booth D60 in hall 3 one can find out more about Kurz Foil Connect.

Kurz will also be represented in hall 3, booth E74, at the Drupa Innovation Park in hall 7.0, booth E10, at the Touchpoint Packaging in hall 12, booth B53 and at PrintCity in hall 12, booth C51.