Leonhard Kurz at Luxe Pack Monaco

Leonhard Kurz brings new colors into play

Fürth/Germany, 14 September 2017: At Luxe Pack in Monaco, current design and color trends will be front and center at the Leonhard Kurz booth. The company will present new and unusual colors for hot stamping enhancement.

In developing these color innovations, the Kurz design team has drawn from its latest trend analysis. The annual Kurz trend study, carried out with a trend agency, sifts through hip lifestyles and documents current trends. After categorizing five trends, designers have developed hot stamping foil colors which transmit an attitude to life, capture sentiments and reflect the zeitgeist.

One of the trends, "Subresistance", is marked by rebellion, individualization and the revival of punk and underground culture. This mood is conveyed with dark, hard tones and camouflage colors. The trendy Kurz colors are called "Sub Camu" and "Golden Punk", a muted camouflage green with classy shimmering metallization and a newfangled green-gold in which the contrast between cool dispassion and glossy exclusivity dissolves.


Premiere for packaging collection

At Luxe Pack Kurz is additionally presenting, for the first time, the third edition of its "Box in Box" packaging collection. This creative collection has also been designed on the basis of the current trends analysis. Four boxes nested into one another represent four popular trends, and inside the last package there is a surprise involving a fifth trend. The boxes illustrate which stamping and enhancement methods can implement the individual trends.

The trend "The Art of Life" is characterized by a fascination with natural phenomena. The trend box features iridescent light reflection and a rainbow effect induced by microstructure stamping and holographic design playing in different colors. Changes in light amplify the playfully tactile charm, plus embossed, debossed and flat hot stamped lines turn the box into a sensory experience.

Another trend, "I-Skin", is represented with a membrane-like structured surface that is technically symmetrical and perfect while softly pulsating and mimicking nature. This effect is evoked with artful large-area micro embossing.

Visitors to Luxe Pack can examine the new trend colors at the Kurz booth DB 11, Diaghilev Hall in the Grimaldi Forum, receive original samples and reserve a copy of the latest "Box in Box". For those who can't make it, the "Box in Box" can be ordered at PMgraphics@kurz.de.
It is free of charge while supplies last.