New finishing machine for web-fed applications at Interpack

Exclusiveness on a roll

Fürth/Germany, 18 April 2017: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting its new foil transfer unit for digital metallization in a web-fed printing process at Interpack, from May fourth to tenth in Düsseldorf. The machine is a roll-to-roll version of the DM-Liner UV-Ink, which transfers metallizations to paper and plastic substrates using the inkjet process. Kurz developed this finishing station to enable the nar-row-web processing sector to also take advantage of all the possibilities offered by its digital metal transfer technology.

The DM-Liner transfers a true metal layer, thereby producing a very high gloss finish. Thanks to the digital technology, variable data such as serial numbering or personalizations can be implemented with a refined metallic look. The process is suitable not only for metallizing individual elements on the print product, but can also be combined with color printing to create exclusive designs. For example, the finished surface can be overprinted in color to produce a wide variety of luminous metallic colors. Alternatively, the metal transfer can be performed after the color printing to add last minute individualized elements to the print product. The digital metal foil transferred in the process is available in gold or silver and can also be produced in a wide variety of holographic designs.

The new DM-Liner UV-Ink provides label and narrow-web printers with an eco-nomical finishing tool, regardless of the size of the print run. The process also gives them the necessary flexibility to cost-effectively meet current trends in the printing and packaging industry. It is suitable for finishing small and limited edi-tions, customized mass products, and product individualization in the late produc-tion phases. The new transfer station enables printing companies to flexibly ex-pand their offerings and significantly increase their value-adding capability. The process opens up new possibilities for brand name manufacturers to give their labels and packaging a distinctive appearance, and to turn them into a real eye-catcher on the retail shelf.

Kurz will be conducting live demonstrations of the web-fed DM-Liner UV-Ink at Interpack. A bottle label with a "no-label-look" will be finished with a range of dif-ferent design versions that can be switched over during the printing process. Visitors to Interpack will be able to observe the live finishing process at the Kurz booth D25 in Hall 14, and take home with them a sample label in a design variant of their choice.

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